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Register for our team!

1)  Open registration for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon ended March 3rd. However, those already registered can still join us by sending your confirmation number.

2)  Our Commitment Form MUST be completed and signed for you to be added to our team. You can fax it to 773-465-3385 or

3)  All participants who sign up during open registration are expected to raise a minimum of $450. However based on the popularity of this event, we hope you will strive to raise $1,500 which is approximately the amount marathon runners have averaged in the past. 

4)  Create your FREE personal fundraising web page and
promote your involvement.

5)  Promote your involvement.
send an email.
All donations are 100% tax deductible.
Tips for Fundraising Success:
- Ask family, alumni, and friends to sponsor every
  mile you run.
- Post your fundraising link everywhere, including
  company newsletters, neighborhood notices &
  online sites.
- Create your personal or corporate team & run
- Ask for sponsors and create your own events.
- Ask members of your groups to support you.
- Sell merchandise and/or services to benefit
  Stomp Out Stigma.
- Send letters with donation forms to people you
  know who will not contribute online.
- Regularly talk about your experience on your
  social networks, including becoming a TwitCause
- Pass out our business cards or flyers to notify
  people of the fundraising website address. 
- Dedicate your efforts in honor of someone affected
  by mood disorders.

Support a Team Member:

and donate at our fundraising page.
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