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Mood Disorders
Mood disorders are a major public health problem. Yet current evidence suggests that many suffer needlessly. Only one in three people with a mood disorder seeks mental-health treatment.

Depression and the bipolar illness are similar in that they are both mood disorders. In depressive disorders (unipolar depression) individuals experience the classic symptoms of low mood. The depression may be so severe that some may come to consider suicide as an option. In the bipolar disorder individuals may experience a combination of low moods with swings to high, even euphoric moods. Many individuals make poor judgments in these situations, causing great distress to themselves and to their families.
Each afflicted person will show some, but not necessarily all-of the following symptoms:

     •  Feelings of hopelessness
       Excess fatigue
       Sleep disturbance
       Loss of concentration
       Loss of pleasure in activities that were previously fun
       Excess guilt
       Suicidal thoughts

     •  Elevated mood
     •  Increased activity
     •  Irritability and anger
     •  Decreased need for sleep
     •  Loss of self control
     •  Poor judgment
     •  Racing thoughts
     •  Overspending
Ask the Doctor

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and post them on the website. It is our hope the responses will be      you. This is most important as she is familiar with you 
helpful for many of you.                                                                    and can describe your behavior from her own perspective.
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